welcome to quamé

quality + development

welcome to quamé

quality + development

welcome to quamé

quality + development

welcome to quamé

quality + development


I support you in product development, coaching and process optimization in textile business.

you are..

  • a young and future-oriented textile manufacturer with products from section of sportswear, functionalwear, Young Fashion or Ethical Fashion
  • You are committed and work with heart and mind actively to the steady improvement of your products
  • You have an interested and informed end customer who places high demands that you always want to fulfill
  • You want to sustainably strengthen your position in the textile sector
  • You are keen to retain and further train employees in the company in the long term.

What is occupying you?

  • You feel that digitization is also an issue for your company
  • You want to push changes forward and avoid losses in the workflow and in the team
  • You are concerned about topics like
    • biodegradable products,
    • cooperative supplier relationships for open exchange and
    • Solution-oriented action in case of claims.
  • At the same time, the collection rhythm leaves very little room and time for strategic changes
  • Transparency and good communication are important to you.

This is where I come in

  • I would be pleased to advise you about process improvements in product development and procurement
  • I support you in anchoring the changes in your enterprise culture so that change can be achieved
  • I offer you input from more than 20 years of professional experience in the textile industry at home and abroad
  • I work with agile methods so I integrate you into my work results at an early stage. That  way you can test and evaluate them quickly in your daily application. The first basis for a good cooperation is made quickly after the start of the project.

what quamé stands for:

quamé emphasizes the quality of your business. In my work I, Isabelle Ayere, look first on the existing values. I question workflows of people and machines, and give input to optimize materials, textile products, supplier relationships and processes – especially for the textile industry.

In times of changes, the human being is for me at the center of every action. So I set my focus not only on products and processes. Any change takes courage, everything new needs the basis of the familiar. Here I glad to accompany you and your teams to increase awareness and commitment. That way you go step by step consciously and in the right direction chosen by you.


My focus is on the quality of your products. I will implement product requirements convincingly – for you and your customers. For me, quality is important to achieve good cooperation and communication.


For me, trust means to expand relationships and networks in times of permanent change. That means to work in respect of the environment, technology and the people who carry these innovations.


Progress means for me believe in sustained impulses from society. My target is to take these impulses and modify them into innovative solutions.

the name quamé

Why this name? This question is often asked by my customers at the beginning. quamé is an African name given in some ethnies to children born on a Saturday. For me, quamé means that a part of my African origin lives in my professional passion. quamé stands for quality + management + development. The name unites what makes me: I am a expert with more than 20 years of professional experience in the textile industry and an open minded person who likes to work with people and learn from them.

Collaboration: expert textile + clothing



Most of my customers I’ve known for many years. The personal relationship is important to me for a good cooperation. I want to move forward with you. You decide the „what“ and the „how”. Let me compare my work with a ball pendulum. Looking in the enterprise, giving offense, to transfer impulses and energy into changes by keeping the approved unchanged.


I value structures. Methods, standards and experiences from quality management can be integrated into the process work in various ways. This framework should help you to create new spaces to you. So for me it is important to react flexible to new developments – you determine the measure between structure and spaces.


What would be dancers, fishermen, parents, friends, managers, you and I without a network? Networking is as an essential business aspect, for the transfer of knowledge and the maximum use of expert knowledge. That means that I use my network profitably for you. In addition to important cooperation with experts, I also maintain memberships in associations and organizations.

Collaboration: Team + company development



At the beginning of our collaboration, I get a picture of the current situation. We develop the goals of team development together based on your acute point of contact. Here I am concerned mainly to reflection and understanding. Recognizing of resistances and strengths. Understanding of roles and finding opportunities. Seeing the interests of the individual, the teams and your company with a focus to synergies in the social context.


I accompany changes and create spaces. Spaces for conflicts as well as spaces to find decisions. Time, to reflect and to promote dialogues. Development comes from within your company. Because strength needs nutrition. Because advancing requires courage. Because release requires strength because renewal can create fear. Because we are human beings. That is why I am concerned about accepting and appreciating.


Reflecting is for me an most important component for change: through double loop learning and a high degree of responsibility. Digitization – what does it mean for us as an employee? Industrie 4.0 – what does it look like today? What kind of equipment do we need for tomorrow? What can I do differently today? Where stands my industry right now, where stands politics? Security is a good feeling which it means to maintain.

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